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Git Essentials

This course is based on the book: Git Pro. Candidates will learn how to use Git, the popular open-source version control software, to manage the source code for almost any project. In this course. Learn how to add, change, and delete files in the repository; view a log of previous commits; and compare versions of a file. Plus, see how to undo changes to files and ignore certain files in a Git repository.

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Cập nhật lần cuối vào 10/2020

Danh sách bài thi

Git Basic
30 câu hỏi/00:45:00

Chủ đề

Git Repository

Chủ đề

Recording Changes to the Repository

Chủ đề

Viewing the Commit History

Chủ đề

Undoing Things

Chủ đề

Working with Remotes

Chủ đề


Chủ đề

Git Aliases

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