Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is there no course A or course B on Viblo Learning?

The Courses displayed on Viblo Learning are all contributed by the user community, if you see a good course that has not yet appeared on Viblo Learning, you can contribute it by creating an account and going to the Contribution section.

2. What the List Objective in the course means?

To be able to evaluate the progress of students' work, it is necessary to have a measuring tool, here is the use of landmarks called Objectives.

Each time students complete an Exam, they can check what objects they have achieved, thereby understanding their progress and their knowledge at what level.

3. I see each Objective in the course has its weight, what does it mean?

Weight is the ratio of the number of Objective questions that are included in the Exam.

For example, an Exam has 50 questions, Objective A has a weight of 20%, ie Objective A accounts for 20% of the questions in the Exam, deducing the number of questions about Objective A in that Exam is 10 questions.

4. I see in the list of courses there are "Contributing" or "Coming Soon" status, what do they mean?

Courses listed on the page will have 3 types of status:

  • No badge: The course has been published and can be available to students to apply for the certificate
  • Badge Contributing: Course has been published and is available to students to register but not yet available for exam papers
  • Badge Coming Soon: Course is in content development, not published yet

5. What should I do if I want to contribute more questions for a course?

You have 2 ways to contribute to the question as follows:

  1. You visit the page Contribute of Learning, then fill in the information including: Course, Objective, Question Content and other The answer is below. Then you have 2 options: One is to submit to admin review the question, if the question is valid, it will be accepted and put into questionnaire of the Course; Second, you save it as draft for easy editing later

  2. If you already have a list of questions you can go to the Import Questions page, then follow the steps one by one. :

    • Select Course for the question
    • Select Objective (optional, this field you can leave blank or select after uploading question).
      • Note: Each question can only be in a Course and a single Objective of that Course, you can choose to add a Course but also only select 1 Objective of that Course.
    • Download sample attachment file to fill in the questions according to the instructions provided in the file
    • Finally, Upload the file and click Start to upload the questions to the system. The questions that are uploaded via Excel will default to Draft status, you need to go to the My Question page to submit these questions to the admin review.

6. What is the Contribution metric, how is it calculated?

Contribution simply means that some points are added to your Profile through the activities of contributing and reviewing your questions on the Learning system. The more questions you contribute, the higher score you have, we have a ranking of the individuals with the most contributions on the Contributions page

This metric is calculated as follows:

  • For each question that you contribute to either the admin or the person in charge of Course approve or public, you will be added 4 points
  • For each question you review and submit the question status from draft to approved, you will be plus 1 point

This calculation can be changed to better match the more extensive Contributing activities on Learning system.

7. Contribute Content for Course, Objective, Exam and Materials This function allows users to add or modify existing contents in a Course or Exam, for example: Description of the Course / Exam if the user feels that the contents are not reasonable.

Content requested for modification will be reviewed by the administrator and published if valid.

When you contribute content to a Course, Exam or Objective you can save your draft so that it can be modified until you feels reasonable to pass it on to the Admin review. While the Admin is reviewing content, you will not be able to contribute more content or modify contributed content, this rule does not apply to Material.

Contribution points will also be counted for Contribution in Section 6 when the Admin approves it to be valid, the scoring rules are as follows:

  • Contribution to Course, Exam, Objective, and Description is plus 2 points
  • Contribution to Material, Book, Article, Online Course, Document is plus 5 points

Frequently asked questions from users will continue to be updated here, hopefully they will help you in the process of getting to know Viblo.

Viblo Team.

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