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Các lộ trình, tài liệu, tài nguyên cho lập trình viên. Đăng ký để nhận các bản cập nhật lộ trình, tài liệu mới nhất

Frontend Developer
Frontend development is how we build user interfaces for the web. You must have a strong foundation in JavaScript as well as understanding how HTML/CSS work.
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Kiến thức IT cơ bản
Kiến thức IT cơ bản bao gồm các nội dung liên quan dến bảo mật, mạng máy tính, quản lý dự án, ...
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Backend Developer
The backend is where you communicate with the database, handle business logic, and send the necessary data to the frontend.
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DevOps Engineer
DevOps is a software development strategy which bridges the gap between the developers and the IT staff. With DevOps, organizations can release small features very quickly and incorporate the feedback which they receive, very quickly.
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Blockchain Engineer
Blockchain engineers specialize in creating and implementing digital solutions for organizations by utilizing a unique type of technology.
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Agile is a set of practices intended to improve the effectiveness of software development professionals, teams, and organizations
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AI Engineer
AI Engineer focuses on researching, building and designing self-running artificial intelligence (AI) systems to automate predictive models.
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White hat
White hat hackers choose to use their powers for good rather than evil.
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Web Security
Web Security is also known as “Cybersecurity”. It basically means protecting a website or web application by detecting, preventing and responding to cyber threats.
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